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Re: [T3] Long road trip...shades of Parma

Hello guys,

 Sadly this is the Notch that I couldn't have. I *HAD*
every intension of rebuilding/driving/loving this car
until the day of its unsalvagable death. But the due
to recent events I cannot have it. I was recently laid
off  of work from IBM and with a family steadily
increasing I cannot see keeping it instead of
providing for my family. I am not sad to see it go to
such a perfect guy for the car. In fact I am actually
exstatic about it. I know that Martin (its true and
MOST appropiate owner) will take care of this tired
old Betty. She needs some love, not much compared to
other 40 year old cars but definalty the attenition of
the right VW nuts' caress. I know sound musshy huh?
But I am right. Martin educated me of the many things
about this car that I had no idea of, like the fact
that the Notch wasn't available to the US until 65 and
what type of model it was and a bunch of other things
that really led me to know that Martin would be a
better owner of this car. I  definatley think that
this was meant for him. It just had to go through me.

I hope the car lives in your family forever man. I
hope to see it on a cover of a magaine sometime too.
Oh yeah if I ever com across goodies for it and I can
spare the cost, I will glady ship them to you. Have
fun man. It was great to meet you in person for the
first time. And as always it is so weird to place a
name to a face when you have never met them before. 

Have an f'in blast with it!!!!!

> Was this the infamous "Free Notch" from a couple of
> months ago? If so what
> happened Erick?
> Travis

Erick the daddy- 68 fasty, 63 Notch 
Updated 8/27/02 
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