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Re: [T3] Opinions of JBugs

Jacob wrote:
>I am getting ready to start working on my interior and I'd like to get
>one of those interior kits (part# 131) that I have seen JBugs advertise
>in the VW mags for the last few years (previously Cal. Pacific) and I
>was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with these.  

 Jacob, I wouldn't think twice about using a JBugs kit. I bought one 10 or 11 
years ago for my wife's fastback and it still looks good (a little sun 
faded), and I used a charcoal gray velour set with black vinyl for it. I also 
got one from them for my Notch (also charcoal gray) and I told them that mine 
still had the early 64 style seat and that's what they sent. It fit perfectly 
too, and its all done in velour. Like someone else mentioned, they come with 
a video (for a bug, but they don't cover the sunroof) , but it gives you an 
idea what's involved if you want to do it yourself or have someone do it for 
you. It took me about 4 1/2 hours to do it. I also installed new door panels 
too, but the headliner took longer with the sunroof. The last kit I got was 
thru Cal. Pacific/JBugs, they told me it would take about 21 days before I 
got it and it came here in 17 days so I was quite happy. I would like to have 
seen some instructions to go with the kit besides the video. I think VW 
trends did an article or 2 recently describing some of the points I was 
meaning, and actually going thru it on a bug. 
 I got a door kit thru CIP, it left a little to be desired as the quality on 
the door seals was shaky ( they are German, but they are already starting to 
crack on the edges), the wing window seals didn't fit right (they were for a 
bug and too thick), the outer window seal was for a brazilian T3, and the 
chrome was the wrong shape ( I just used the seal with my old trim), and the 
glass run channel was about 4" short (still works, but it not correct), but 
on the bright side it was complete, and did both doors for 200, and it keeps 
the water out which slows the rust and thats what I was after. I hope this 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Squareback AT
Sue 70 Fasty AT

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