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Re: [T3] Popout windows

As a test before I replace the popout hinge seals on my '63 Squareback,
last night I replaced the hinge seals on my '67 Squareback.

I had some 1.5" shrink tubing, which is 2" when pressed flat (unshrunk).
 The hinges are 1.5" in length.  I shrunk the tubing by hand in order to
protect the popout rubber, then slid them on the hinges.  The shrink tubing
was thinner than the original rubber seals but, once it was shrunk, it visually
appeared to be the same thickness.

Only my passenger side window rattled and only at random times but
I heard no rattling on the way to work today.

It would work better if the shrink tubing was a bit thicker but trying to
double-up on the tubing made installation impossible.

There is some up and down slop after installation but it appears to be more
in the latch than in the hinges moving.  Comparing my used latches with
an NOS one I have, I can see they develop slop in the center over time.
 My latches close without any problems.

I probably used about $1 worth of tubing but I cut it from a 3-foot length
which was $11 from an electrical supply shop some time ago.  It may be possible
to find shorter lengths somewhere else, the hardware store has small packages
of 1" tubing which may also work for around $3.  The 1" tubing may provide
a tighter fit when shrunk but the 1.5" tubing seemed fine to me.

I did not glue the seals in place but it might not hurt.  As far as I can
tell, they will be held firm by the tightness of the hinge on the body.

Some photos and details here in the Log:

Everett Barnes
'63, '67 []s

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