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Re: [T3] 1964-65 M249 (was 1964 1500S)

--- Scott Taylor <scottbtaylor@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Your car came down the line about 1000 cars after
> mine in around March

Cool!!!  Scott is March '65 a confirmed , (Birth
Certificate) date or just an estimate?  And as Dave
wrote, they may have actually been produced on the
same day!  After I wrote the e-mail, I read the post
about the engine and chassis #'s being on Dave's site.
 I then did a little math, (assuming somewhat
consistent daily/monthly production #'s), and came up
with, late February to early March '65 for the
chassis, and mid February for the motor.  Thanks for
the site Dave, (engine and  chassis production dates,
paint codes, part interchangeability, and a whole lot
One trashed case because the PO drove the car for (?)
miles AFTER hearing a loud bang, (#3 Exhaust valve
head snapping off?)!  Yikes!  The # 3 piston shattered
into a 100 pieces, and flew into the case, but not
before it cracked the cylinder, (it came off in 4
pieces!!),  snapped the spark plug, and may have also
damaged the upper inner head stud mount in the case! 
The #4 piston was seized to the cylinder, I still
haven't gotten the cylinder off,  the spark plug was
bent.  I gave up on the case when the upper inner #3
head stud broke off while I tried to remove it, (see
above)!!  And the #3-4 head, was trashed to say the
least!  The #3 exhaust valve shaft was stuck in the
guide, and the valve head hammered itself between the
head and the piston.  A piece of the #3 piston must
have been sucked into the #4 intake, otherwise how did
the #4 spark plug get bent?   The #'s 1, and 2 side
seemed fine.  But I don't want to even get into the
bits of #3, and what they may have done to the inside
of the case, cam lifter bores, etc...  Not to mention
the heat.  The # 3-4 side was bad, and #1-2 was not
too far behind, heat wise, (the mouse nest wasn't
stuffed quite as tightly on the #1-2 side, but then
the fried mouse I found may have needed the room to
move around).  I guess that Nubb got his revenge, but
at a price.  


John La Francois
Blauvelt, NY
'65 Notch S (Nubb) Awaiting RUSToration, oh and a new
'67 Beetle (Bubb) Currently under RUSToration by
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang) Wife's daily driver.

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