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Re: [T3] 1964 1500S

I am actualy glad this has come about again as it was never truly resolved
last time. Real quick- some one out there has a motor or a stamp/stencel on
their 64 or 65 motor with M249. I belive that it comes up as a auto tranny
option in Jims book. But the qusetion was asked is this a dual carb low
compression option code? Well in the parts book that goes thru 69 or how
ever far Jims book goes must list the recycled code for M249 as a aut trans.
WELL I was perusing my 61-65 repair manuals and found the answer.

Yes M249 up to 65 meant that the motor was low compression. In the back of
book 1 in the Technical Data area it reads:  NOTE:  A Twin-Carburator engine
with flat crown pistons is available for use in countries where premium fuel
with an octane of more than 95(Res.F1) is not available.
This engine requires fuel with a rating ofat least 90 octane and has an
aluminum plate with the wording (M249 90 octane) fixed to the two front
screws of the breather mounting.
Engine compleet 311100021J
piston 83 mm dia 311107101J

Now the plate is easily removed by a bone head mechanic, rebuild or PO. But
this makes it possible to have a S modle car with a low compression motor.


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