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Re: [T3] Questions concerning fuel injection parts

On 5 Nov 2002, at 18:32, Hugh Lawrence wrote:

> I have checked the resistances of things in my fuel injection system and 
> don't know what to make of the following:
> 1) the 2.5K TS is reading around 3.9. Should I replace it? Bentley seems to say
> that more resistance than spec is ok. ("Sensor is faulty only if reading is
> infinity or 0")

Probably fine. These are strongly temp dependent, so the temp you get will 
vary depending on the temp you measure it at.  

> 2) the 300 ohm one is reading at over 600. From what I hear, this sensor 
> doesn't do that much, and if it is out of spec, bad fuel economy will be the
> only result (not that I really want that, either). Replace?


> 3) I opened up the pressure sensor and found that there is a lot of oil in it.
> Is motor oil used as a lube in pressure sensors? I overfilled my air cleaner a
> little and think that might have been the result.

The oil is sucked in there as a vapor as the engine is running and it 
condenses over time. Just dump it out. It causes no harm, but it probably 
slows down the response time of the PS.

> 4) Also, I found that the two coils in the pressure sensor were reading 
> 322/88 instead of 350/90. 

Close enough. Again, the only thing you will generally encounter are dead 
shorts and opens, as well as shorts to ground and between coils. Anything 
else is most likely to just be normal variation. The difference between 88 and 
90 is probably just the calibration on your meter, or the quality of your 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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