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Re: [T3] Need Big A$$ horns

on 6/11/2002 10:41 AM, Roush, Norman at norman.roush@hp.com wrote:

> I thought about doing that.  Can they be had small enough to be mounted out
> of sight and driven by a 12V compressor?  I just can't picture a pair of
> 24" chrome monsters mounted on top of each front fender or on the roof rack :)

I used to have a single Maseratti air horn that came with one of my beetles
when I bought it. The compressor was nice and small, and the horn itself was
only about 6 inches long.

The horn was mounted in the stock location for beetles, and the compressor
up in the boot, and ran the air line out through one of the rubber grommets
in the side and it worked well.

When I got it though, the compressor was wired directly in place of a stock
horn, so it had burnt out all of the wiring. I replaced the wiring, and
installed a relay and it worked fine after that, nice and LOUD!

The compressor was quite well made, it had what looked like Teflon coated
impeller blades, as well as the chamber that it ran in. Although, I don't
think it would be easy to find a Maseratti in a junk yard to get the
compressor out of.

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'71 1600TL


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