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Re: [T3] Automatic Squareback

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 23:19, Greg Merritt wrote:
> 	What do other AT drivers find?
My '71 automatic is not too bad on the downshifts into first. The trans
has approx. 150k miles on it.
Check the motor mounts as I suggested earlier.

> 	Another Parma-inspired AT note and some questions -- Russ, I 
> borrowed a 1/4-20 tap from a friend and bought a 1/4-20 bolt so that 
> I can tap out a larger threaded hole to repair my AT fill tube 
> mounting down there at the base of the tube.  I haven't sized things 
> up too closely yet, and I'm anticipating that the job is going to be 
> a bit of a fussy one.  Should I drill out the M6 hole with the 
> appropriately-sized 1/4-20 pre-tap drill, or just try to run the 
> 1/4-20 tap into the M6-threaded hole?  Hm, also wonder how I'm going 
> to get things like drills and taps up there, and run the tap 
> straight.  Any suggestions appreciated!

You are talking about the bolt that holds the tube to the trans. case at
the bottom??
I don't have a tap drill chart handy, but if it is stripped out
completely, I think 6mm is close to tap drill size. Be sure to use what
is called a "bottom tap" as the hole is not very deep, and a standard
tap will not give you enough threads. You can get "ratchet" tap handle
at Sears. this will allow you to work in the close quarters.

Russ Wolfe
'66 FB MT (It drove)
'71 FB AT 
'65 Bug (not running)

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