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Re: [T3] Hesitation / Misfire / Surging

On 5 Nov 2002, at 18:29, Ben Doughney wrote:

> I have never had a tranny apart, and they look
> complicated in the books. Are they really that bad?

Yes, don't do it unless you have to. In my case I was given a tranny that had 
died from another cause so I had nothing to lose and lots of time. It took me 
months to get all the parts together, make the special tools, etc, and it 
turned out well, but it was not worth the effort, except for the learning 

> > I worked over the FI, too. But I don't think I ever noticed any improvement
> > from that area. I believe yours is carbed, right?
> Yes.

I'm actually quite relieved to hear that this is NOT a FI problem. I fussed with 
my throttle position switch on and off for years before convincing myself that 
it wasn't the problem....

> From your description above, it sounds exactly like the problem I am having. It
> is not really a bad problem, but one of those nagging things that is not quite
> right.

Exactly, I found that driving around town in a relaxed mode was aggravating. 
This shaking always occurred at ~30 mph in 3rd gear, which was what I 
needed to do in town. The speed was too low to shift into 4th, and too fast for 

This was with my 71, what year was yours? Anyone else have problems like 
this? What years?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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