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Re: [T3] Automatic Squareback

On 4 Nov 2002, at 21:19, Greg Merritt wrote:

> I found on my car that the switch-controlled downshift was noticeably
> smoother/quicker than the manual shift to 2nd with the shift lever at full
> throttle. 

>  What do other AT drivers find?

I don't know. In the first place I guess I never paid much attention to that. In 
the second place, I don't have the kickdown switch installed in my 69 AT.

The 69 kickdown switches that I have seen all mount from a little triangular 
piece of sheet alum which is bent up and bolts to 2 of the oil cooler mounting 
bolts; kind of a hokey setup. Later AT intake air distributors came with 
mounting points machined into them, which brings me to my question:

Has anyone ever seen a 69 intake air distributor with the kickdown switch 
mounting points? I think it's just possible that there was a mid year change, 
but I've never seen one. If there IS such a thing out there, I'd like to buy one 
from someone who has a spare. No, the 70 won't work in a 69.

>  Another Parma-inspired AT note and some questions -- Russ, I borrowed a
> 1/4-20 tap from a friend and bought a 1/4-20 bolt so that I can tap out a
> larger threaded hole to repair my AT fill tube mounting down there at the
> base of the tube.  I haven't sized things up too closely yet, and I'm
> anticipating that the job is going to be a bit of a fussy one.  Should I
> drill out the M6 hole with the appropriately-sized 1/4-20 pre-tap drill, or
> just try to run the 1/4-20 tap into the M6-threaded hole?  Hm, also wonder
> how I'm going to get things like drills and taps up there, and run the tap
> straight. 

The tap drill size for a 1/4-20 is a #7 drill which is 5.11mm. This means that 
your stripped 6mm hole is already pretty big for the 1/4-20 bolt; you won't 
need to run a drill in there first. You MIGHT even want to consider tapping 
this out to 1/4-28, for which the tap drill is a #2 drill (5.61mm,) although fine  
pitch threads are not generally recommended for soft alloys. 

There are ratcheting tap handles which might be useful here, or you might be 
able to get an 8-point socket to drive the tap with your normal socket ratchet. 
You should check the hole before you start to make sure it is a blind hole. If 
it is not, you will need to drop the pan to clean out your chips when you're 
done. In this case you might as well tap it from below. (I seem to remember 
discussing this possibility for David Baum and Russ saying that this was a 
blind hole, which would make sense from an ATF leakage point of view.)  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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