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[T3] French look

I think this one can be called French look :
That was the one you were thinking about, Per?

And no, this is not mine!

Basically, according to Super VW magazine, French look is a VW with a
"modern look", i.e. modern alloy wheels (but I would say not especially
Porsche style), modern interior, usually a bright "flashy" color, no chromes
or a minimum.

More often than not they are inspired by rally cars, very popular in France
: bare painted interior, front seats (corbeau rally type) only, 5 pt seat
belts, rolling cage ...

The "graphical painting" became part of the French look, mainly due to two
shops (Teo'z racing car and T'Fabs who committed the orange notch). These
guys are quite crazy when it comes to use a spray gun and masking tape. But
it's not the norm, not anybody can do or afford that.

On the contrary the German look would be more "strict "in appearance :
darker color, at least not flashy (silver gray ...), things like large
fenders (for beetles), "crystal" headlights, smoked tail lights... The
modern look is inspired by actual German sports (Porsche!) cars.

The German look is more oriented towards performance than look : the goal is
to have a "grand tourisme" car to be used on the autobahn. Huge engine, and
performance parts everywhere are "de rigueur". Comfort inside for long
distance driving is of a greater importance than for French lookers.

Bernard Seront

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