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Re: [T3] Euro Lamp inner running lamps

<x-flowed>Ok, I'm uploading pics as I write this. I have 19 pics of a Bilux and a H4 headlight now. You'll find them at http://public.fotki.com/volkswagen/headlights/ I'll be writing some descriptions for the pictures there as well.

So what we're looking at is two headlights, one Bilux and one H4. These lights are very similar, the difference is mainly the reflector, and the way the bulb is installed, this is because the bulbs have different bases (picture of the bulbs are in the album). The headlight trim ring is just a trim ring on US cars, but on Euro cars it also holds the lense and the reflector retaining ring. The lense is held in between the trim ring and retaining ring by means of 4 clips. The reflector is installed by rubberplugs, one in the retaining ring, two on te adjuster screws. The adjuster screws are accessable from the outside, they are located in the edge of the trim ring.

On the bilux light, the parking light bulb just sits in a hole in the reflector, and gets it's earth contact through the reflector. The positive feed is via a tongue on the bulb retainer (missing on the one I photographed). The headlight also sits in a hole in the reflector, and the retainer is a twist-on style which is spring loaded.

On the H4 light, the parking light sits in it's own socket (missing on this light), which gets it's ground from a tongue on the bulb base. The headlight sits in a socket which is fastened to the reflector. The bulb is held by a bail type wire, which also acts like a spring to keep it firm in place.

The only difference between the lights are the lense and reflector. The lense has a slightly different cut, but gives the same light pattern. The reflector is different in that it has different bulb mounts. There are also halogen bulbs for Bilux lights available. I have one pic of one of those here as well, together with the regular Bilux bulb.

I guess that's all I can say right now, but wait to fire up those Qs until all pics are up, and has descriptions. I believe I have 18 or 19 pics now, and it only goes sooo fast on a 56k modem :-(

73 Variant L

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