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Re: [T3] German Look


DGaries808@aol.com wrote:

I dunno. what is "the German look"?

It is a styling trend originated in Germany. The trend is to mimic race cars and Porsches, so the cars are usually very minimalistic with no interior other than front seats, steering wheel and instruments. Outside, you have bright colors, late painted bumpers, big Porsche brakes and modern Porsche or BBS wheels in 17" or 18" diameter. In the engine compartment, you have a LOT of motor, preferably. Here's a German looker: http://www.sebboonline.de/gallery/index.php?gal=see2002&pic=vw-stylenet-see2002-&ges=568&showpic=560

And there's also French style. Like the German style cars, these are inspired by race cars, but even more so. They often run with race-style graphics (although without advertising), and wild paintjobs in screaming colors, inside, underside and outside. Color matched or black modern alloys (often Porshce wheels here as well) are typical for French style, and graphics continued from the body to the bumpers.

These two are the biggest styling trends in Europe right now. I'm trying to find some pics, but no luck so far. Just dont know where to look :-(

73 Variant L

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