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[T3] Its ALIVE, Part 2

<x-charset iso-8859-1>It took alot of cranking, but we finally blew through whatever was in the
combustion chambers besides Marvel Mystery Oil, and got the Fastback
running.  I even popped it into gear, released the clutch a bit, and moved
the car under its own power (a ceremonial-only move, since the throttle
isn't connected)

Once it fired up and cleared out some, the motor actually settled down to a
halfway decent idle.  The carbs seem close, though I'm sure they'll need
synchronizing and adjustment.  The car also revs pretty good; no stumbles or
pops.  However, it blows out alot of smoke when you do rev it.  Some of it
is the aforementioned old engine funk/mouse whiz, alot of which was coming
out the exhaust along with the mouse nest(s) that were in there.  My next
question becomes, how long should a motor that has been sitting this long
smoke before its determined that something is wrong in the motor?  I'm
assuming that alot of the smoke is due to stuck rings.  Can the rings be
unstuck, or does that mean a teardown?  If its teardown time, I'll just get
new slugs & jugs and be done with it.  Its also leaking oil; my increasingly
educated guess is valve cover gaskets and/or push rod tubes.  The tubes come
to mind because I just replaced one of the rocker cover gaskets when I was
lining things up.

Now that the motor is running (more or less) its time to bolt the rest of
the car back together.  Once we get that done, we'll get back to doing
something with the motor.  The stinger will be here any day now, and
everything needs to be reassembled, adjusted, or tweaked.  Fun!


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