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Re: [T3] Fuel gauge ground

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi all,

> I can never keep all this straight myself. I had to grab one and work
> out with the Bentley in my lap. The black wire goes to the hot side of
fuse #
> 9 (on a 69.) It serves the oil pressure and generator idiot lights.

Thanks. I _think_ you've probably got that wrong. If anything, it probably
serves the headlight warning lights when you turn on the ignition. Why would
the generator and oil warning lights need another connection? They work
quite well without it. Anyway we'll see what it does when I connect it up.

> I was surprised to find that there are differences between early (-68) and
> (69-) lampholders for these. I didn't think any of these had a ground, but
> Bentley shows one for the late cars and indeed I found one. On early units
> there is just a rivet there, but late units have a tab in that position
with the
> label 31, which is ground.
> VW added grounds all around the car starting with the 69 model year,
> making your 69 T34 an ideal year.  ;-)

Well, I've always thought so ;~) VW did indeed add a lot of ground terminals
for '69. This is true even for Type 34 specific items like the clock. I have
a 7/68 clock and speedo that have them. In the case of the Type 34, they
just made a few like that and them discontinued the model.


Daniel Baum

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