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[T3] Rear bump stops

<x-charset iso-8859-1>The potholes seem to be getting really bad on my route to work. Last week I
hit 2 without seeing them and got such an almighty, rust detaching, heart
rending kerbang that I thought I'd bite the bullet and sort out my rear bump
stops (didn't have any!) Thought I'd share the experience- it was a good one
and I'm chuffed I did it! After a business meeting today (on Good Friday!
;-( ) I took advantage of the lathe we have at work and turned up a couple
of cupboard door handle style mushrooms from some off-cuts of delrin
(engineering plastic rod) I found lying about.  I've attempted an asky tech
drawing if its any use to anyone:

              counterbore 13mm for head of 8mm allen bolt
       _____    v     _____                                 __
     /             |        |            \
    (              |_   _|             )   28mm Dia    10mm
     \____       |  |      ____/                               _v_
               |      |   |     |
               |      |   |     |       18- 20mm dia     10mm
               |__ |    |__|                                         _v_
           drilled 8.1 mm

The dimensions are not that critical- its rubber that has to fit.
I then chiselled off the remaining stump of the steel mushroom and pilot
drilled a 4mm hole then an 8.1mm hole in each of the mounting brackets. I
used 30mm long stainless allen bolts I found lying about and nylock nuts to
fix the delrin mushrooms to the brackets. With a bit of spit for lubrication
I forced the original (well not quite- one bus, one bug) bump stops onto the
mushrooms and they fit like a glove- really firm and haven't come off yet -
well one journey home of 6 miles- I'll let you know if I lose one .

I know that this is more work than the other suggestion of using universal
stud mounting bump stops from your FLAPS , but this way I've got the
originals and they look good. If you've got access to a lathe, its really
not much bother. I felt so bad for my car after hitting those holes that I'd
recommend anyone to sort out their bump-stops ASAP if they need it.

Mark Seaton,
'73 non-FI 1600 TA (with a few luxury bits and less rust than I had before I
hit those holes)

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