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Re: [T3] running rough

On 29 Mar 2002, at 19:57, orntar@att.net wrote:

> My FI'd 70 fastback is running rough. It starts up easy, 
> idles a little irregular, and has loss of power at the 
> top of the rev, you know takes off well in first but 
> then looses power, shift takes off again looses power. 
> and between 35 and 45(maybe other speeds, i might not 
> have noticed) if you leave the throttle steady the car 
> begins to surge.

This is pretty likely due to insufficient fuel pressure. The fuel pump 
normally provides plenty, but it can't if it's supply is cut off. I'd 
suspect dirt in the filter that is above the pump, but if you already 
replaced that one then you should inspect the brass screen that 
Mark mentioned. You can look at this somewhat, from above, but 
you have to remove it from below.

If it, and the tank, is dirty, then the cause is almost certainly that 
the fuel overflow hose that Mark also mentioned is broken. This is a 
very common problem and results in dirt & water getting thrown 
into the tank.

If you have a pressure gauge that you can connect to the fuel rail 
on the engine, the best way to diagnose this is to take it for a drive 
with someone watching that gauge. It should hold at 28-30 psi, but 
if the pump is having trouble pulling in enough gas you will be able 
to see the pressure drop as you put load on the engine. Once you 
fix the problem you will see a fairly constant 28-30 psi.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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