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[T3] running rough

My FI'd 70 fastback is running rough. It starts up easy, 
idles a little irregular, and has loss of power at the 
top of the rev, you know takes off well in first but 
then looses power, shift takes off again looses power. 
and between 35 and 45(maybe other speeds, i might not 
have noticed) if you leave the throttle steady the car 
begins to surge. it worsens if you don't give it more 
throttle or lay off the throttle. then as i neared home, 
it seemed to loose a cylinder or more(seemed like it was 
gonna die and didn't want to accelerate). i looked at 
the injector plugs, the one that goes to cylinder two is 
EXACTLY the right length to reach the plugin. i think 
that one may be a problem. i am going to look tonight 
and see if something is pinching the wires, therefore 
shortening it.

my dad(not a vw guy) said that the power loss sounds 
like the fuel pump is not keeping up. and he thinks the 
rough idle is due to the elevation of boise. we're at 
2800 ft. bently says to time it to 0d BTD. by maybe it 
needs to be changes for the elevation.

maintenance so far to fix the problem: cap, rotor, spark 
plugs, fuel filter replaced, timed to 0d, valves 

I looked at the fuel trouble shooter in bently and it 
seems intimidating. thanks in advance

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