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Re: [T3] VWoA against the niches, was: Volkswagen EnthusiastProgram(VW 1)311

Jeff Vier wrote:

> There are lots of registries.  Each country has one (as a general rule -
> some countries outsource).  Some registries are spread out over several
> independent (sort of) registries (.com .net and .org are like this).
> Some domains are closed (.gov and .mil are like this) and still some are
> very restricted (.aq is antarctica's top-level domain, and it's
> restricted to organizations that are actively based in antarctica).

True Their is a world wide organazation, but it only makes shugestions and I don't
think it can inforce anything. I think it is wc3.org or some thing like that

> There is little VWoA could do if you registered your domain in a country
> that didn't care about their opinion and hosted it, say, on Sealand (a
> "country" that pretty much ignores everyone's opinions...it's an
> offshore oil rig nearish England that was set up to host potentially
> illegal/subversive/whatever content).
> A problem I could see is if VWoA had the US courts order a us registry
> to "poison" the name server DB with bad information re-directing the
> hypothetical anti-VWoA domain to a VWoA site.  This is not a precedent,
> but it's not hard to do (functionally).

That would be illegal and would only work on USA DNS servers, the rest of the world
could thumb there noses at that, and should

> As a side note, even though the registries are feeding the same general
> pool of domains, they follow different rules.  For instance, in the US,
> you can't register english curse words.  However, I have a domain
> (f*ck-you.org...except there's a 'u' where the '*' is) that I registered
> through a spanish registry (they filtered spanish curse words).
> --boinger

Not true, at least not always.. check f**kgeneralmotors.com It was invalved in a law
suite. see www.2600.com for info

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