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Re: [T3] VWoA against the niches, was: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program(VW 1)311

This is getting a bit off topic, so if you are not interested delete now :)

> I think there is only one registering body. It has to be international so
> anyone can apply and so that we don't get duplicate URLs. So the only thing 
> it comes down to is where it is hosted, and where the business is whose 
> web site it is.  

This is partly true. In the begining when the internet started as a DOD
project, there was one top level registar. Its name is Network Solutions, when
their contract ran out a few years ago it was made possible for others to
register domain names. You only have to have single control over the top level
domain, eg..  .com .net .edu . You can have multiple registars that cover
different domains.

One could apply to create a new top level domain say " .vw " and they could be
the registar for that domain. This is what alot of countries are doing so they
control the sub-domainnames in their particular top level.

Does this make any sense, or did I just confuse the hell out of everyone?

VW fanatic by night
Sr. Systems Administrator by day.

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