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Re: [T3] Popouts?


>the B pillars to make holes to install the hinges. You REALLY should have a
>correct car to copy these holes from.

Ok, not something undertaken lightly then.

>Dwell, timing, valve lash, charging system regulating voltage....

>I can't remember what we have discussed, but you have to set your timing by
>the special '72 instructions in the Bentley.

Ahh thanks the system voltage is another thing that I havent really checked 
out fully. I did a quickie check, but I dont remember what the numbers were 
now. I have the '72 thats not a 72 ;p i.e. it only has a vac advance can 
#265 on the arm or was it #256? Also some of the other hoses are not correct 
for a 72. It was said previously that I should adjust timing as if it were a 

My current issue as of yet still unsolved is that my idle is too low, or 
more specifically that it wont adjust above 850. I have checked out 
everything that I can think of and that has been recommended here, with the 
exception of the fuel pressure and the system voltage.

'72 Square FI
San Jose, Ca.

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