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Re: [T3] VWoA against the niches, was: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program(VW1)311

Chev and ford have done a few things. Ford sued 2600.com who owner registered
FXXKgeneralmotors.com and then at some time redirected to to Fords web site.
Ford lost but is appeling. Ford also sued blueovalnews.com, mostly because the
owner posted some internal Ford documents about flaws and missrepresented
advitersment on the Mustang GT or Corba. Ford settled out of court as it was
loosing.  Gunniess Book of Records thrented to sue 2600.com's owner for a
parady wer site with a miss spelling of Gunniess.

It is mostly the USA legal system.  BUT VWoA, which is a wholely owned
subsidury of VWaG, doesn't listen to us. They make a small pickup in Mexico
(pointer) based on the Golf 3 or 4, which I know would sell like hotcakes.
They won't bring it here. A lot of people would buy the Polo GTI and such...
They just wont ask.

My self, I would buy a Pointer pickup tommrow, if they would bring it here,
and so would everyone on the VWpickup list. Especialy if it was a TDI or 1.8t.
As Dave K. said on his VWT editoral about his bad or lack of customer service
on his wifes 2001 jetta... I think VWaG ought to clean house i @ VWoA...
 Sorry 'bought the rant.....

Greg Merritt wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, adevars@gmavt.net wrote:
> > There hasn't been any pressure this side of the Atlantic from the parent
> > company AFAIK.
>         http://www.arbitration-forum.com/domains/decisions/96265.htm

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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