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RE: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program - protecting yourself

> I can't believe that VW can copyright the word "b*g" - how can this be?
>As far as I know, all you have to do when you use a word that is registered
>someone else is to state clearly that they are the owner, ie "VW, Bug, and
>Beetle are registered trademarks of VWoA." I don't think there's any
>prohibition against using someone else's trademark, you just have to make
>clear who it really belongs to.
>Jim Adney

Volkswagen & the VW logo are trademarks of Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen of
America. VWHerb.com is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG or any of its
subsidiaries. Any copyrights mentioned in this site belong in part and in
the whole to the respective owners. The names, VWHerb, VWTrav, Scenic City
Volks Folks and Lower Alabama Volkswagen Association does in no way imply
the endorsement of Volkswagen of America or of Germany (although we'd LOVE
it!) Volkswagen, VW, Bug, Beetle, Type III, Fastback, VWoA, VWAG, and any
other reference to our beloved auto and manufacturer belongs to Volkswagen,
and we only use it for promotion of our hobby.

You mean something like this :)

Travis (still waiting for my letter of rejection from the motherland)

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