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Re: [T3] clock

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi all,

Well, I removed the anti-tampering seal, opened up the clock and gave it a
good squirt of WD40. I know some people say you shouldn't use this, but
other people swear by it (I've been reading all the list archives).

Anyway, the result is that I now have TWO completely functional clocks. The
junk clock that I bought for $8 on eBay works too! It is really rusty and
the mechanism is partly detached from the casing, but it works. Just goes to
show that the Germans built high quality machinery.

I am aware that WD40 isn't really a lubricant, but it does a great job of
unsticking and cleaning things. I'll see if I can get some proper clock oil
for more long-term lubrication.

Regards, and thanks for the tips,

Daniel Baum

> On 26 Mar 2002, at 16:43, Daniel Baum wrote:
> > Did I read in an earlier posting that you fix clocks? Frankly, these
> > are so uncommon that I would rather find someone who knows what he's
> Yes, I do. This would be rather far to ship one, but at least they are
light. My
> usual is $30 plus $5 shipping, but I'd have to check on what shipping to
> Israel would be.
> Normally I offer to return the item at my cost if I can't fix it. While
this seldom
> happens, I'm reluctant to make that promise in this case.  ;-)
> -
> Jim Adney
> jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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