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RE: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program(VW 1)311


>I can't believe that VW can copyright the word "b*g" - how can this be? And

I just read about something earlier last week similar to this. I apoligize 
if I dont get all the facts entirely correct in this.

Apparently Microsoft attempted to copyright the word "Windows" a long while 
back, and it was denied. Somehow they did an end run around, and were able 
to actually get it copyrighted, or otherwise trademarked in some fashion. 
They then recently sued a company "LindowsOS" because of the similarity, 
stating that it would cause damage to MS or some other such crap. The judge 
issued a prelimiary ruling stating he would would not shutdown Lindows, and 
called into question wether or not "Windows" can be copyrighted.


"However, in a preliminary ruling issued late Friday, U.S. District Judge 
John Coughenour said the suit raised "serious questions" about whether the 
word "Windows" is entitled to trademark protection. "

Hell no its not, or at least shouldnt be. Now 'Microsoft Windows' sure that 
can be copyrighted but not just the word 'Windows'

Same goes for "Bug" or "Beetle" I seriously doubt that VWoA has any legal 
claim to those words at all when used individually, or without a reference 
to VW in the phrase.

Then again I am not a lawyer

72 Square
San Jose, Ca.

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