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RE: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program(VW 1)311

I can't believe that VW can copyright the word "b*g" - how can this be? And
the word "beetle" - how can a company copyright simple nouns? Any lawyers on
the list?

thebugstop.com really baffles me. why would they want to block this? I can
understand any .com with VW in the name. They could control VW, especially
since they own VW.com

Also, what bugs me (pun intended) is that they don't mess with vwvortex.com,
vwtrendsweb.com, and hotvws.com - clearly these companies are making money
off the VW name, and that is who they should go after. They make Wolfsburg
International, or who ever it was cover up the logo on the double cab, but
the rest of the magazine had a plethora of logos on the other cars. So, why
mess with the little guy. If I were an attorney for any of these small
companies I would use this example to show inconsistency.

And why would they hassle vwmagazine.com at all? Clearly this guy Brock
isn't making money hand over fist. Come on. I think they are mad that they
didn't get this URL first. To be rational, they may have a case for this
URL. Until you think about the other magazines online vwtrendsweb.com and
hotVWs.com - why do they leave these guys alone?

Are they (the magazines) paying royalties? I doubt it. They have a slim
margin and low circulation. VW does have an ad in VW Trends every month.
Think it's for free? Or, are they actually paying for ad space. That would
be ironic. And another good point for a defendant against VWoA.

If it is a case of wanting these URL's, then why would they want
thebugstop.com? The new beetle isn't called a bug? right? I remember seeing
a Web page with all of the copyrighted words that they own. I can't remember
if they had the word bug or not.

Plus, going after a company that sells parts that VWoA clearly has no desire
to stock or sell - what a waste of legal time. Love America!

I worked for a larger footwear manufacturer (nope not that one, the other)
and we actually embraced all of the small independent sites for as a grass
roots marketing strategy. We selected a small group of enthusiast sites and
ended up using them in a small test program for a specific shoe. We offered
them a site that they could pull logos and other images from to use on their
site. We even offered prizes for the best site and the site that drove the
most traffic to the corporate site. They totally ate it up. They used tons
of stuff, and the program was a success. The shoe sold out. Why doesn't VW
work on a program like this

Are any of the other companies suing? Namely the big three here in the
states? Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler? There must be many, many more Internet
copyright infractions against these three. I would be interested in finding
out if they have issued any letters.

And lastly, I really like how the attorney wants Greg to agree to something
that is unknown. Typical attorney. Do you think it would work the other way?
If you wanted them to agree to a partnership that is undefined? Hell no!

I personally think that the governing body of the WWW should have precidence
on all matters concerning URLs. They are all leased, even VW.com - they
don't own that URL either. Right?


Phillip Bradfield

1969 Variant - Savanna beige, No engine, Chopped 3.5 in.

1968 Variant - Granada red, No engine, with 67 euro fenders

1963 1500 - Ruby red, 1600 with dual Solex carburetors

19?? Sandrail - Primer, 1835 with dual 40 Dellortos

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