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Re: [T3] clock

On 26 Mar 2002, at 15:08, Daniel Baum wrote:

> Just got a really nice clock for my Type 34. As far as I know the workings
> are the same as a regular Type 3 clock, but the outside is different.

As long as both have the white plastic rear covers and are stamped 12V, 
they should be the same inside, and fine for your 69. Earlier ones will be 6V 
and later ones will have metal rear covers.

> I tried to test it by connecting to a battery. On being connected for the
> first time, it "clunked", which I believe means it was winding itself up,
> then ticked a bit, then died. It now appears to be dead.
> I have read the previous posts on clock repair and it seems that the main
> problems are a solder-fuse burning out, or dirt in the works. I suppose
> either of the two could be my problem.
> Is this the kind of thing that I should attempt, or do I stand a really good
> chance of screwing it up? These Type 34 clocks are not exactly easy to find
> so I don't want to do irreparable damage to it. I do have a junk one I could
> practice on.

If you're careful and stop before you do anything foolish you'll be fine. Don't 
mess with the front, just remove the plastic cover from the back. This comes 
off with 3 nuts, one of which may be covered by a plastic anti-tamper cover 
that you'll have to remove. I would not try to disassemble any of the 
clockworks themselves, but you can remove the deck that carries the 
winding mechanism. Look at it carefully before you take it apart, so you have 
some chance of getting it back together.  ;-)

Practicing on a more common clock would be useful.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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