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[T3] Dellorto 40 rebuild

Hey all. Just thought I'd share my newest experience. I set out yesterday
morning to rebuild two Dellorto carburetors.

I ordered kits for the 36-40 DRLA carburetors a while back from Pacific
Customs (in hot VWs magazine). I believe they were about $20 each. They sent
me kits which were actually from CB Performance.

I started out yesterday at about 9am and drove to my brother's shop. We set
out some shop rags and pulled some tools onto the work bench first. I
realized that we needed some carb cleaner. I ended up driving to my FLAPS
and picked up a one gallon jug of Berryman(s) carb cleaner. It came complete
with a small container for parts. Actually it was a strainer with a handle.
Pretty cool set up.

We decided to start with one carb. We pulled everything out of it, except
the throttle assembly, and dropped it into the carb cleaner (20-30 min). We
had to do a couple rounds with each carb. First all the parts, then the carb
body pieces. After all was clean, we started to reassemble. We had the
Dellorto book from CB Performance. This book was actually shipped when I
bought the carbs new in '87. The scematics in the book is of ok quality,
it's good enough to check where parts need to be.

After the first was back together, the second was also rebuilt. While off of
the manifold we noticed that the right side manifold was pretty loose. We
tightend the manifold down and reassembled everything.

After it was all back together, the motor started up and ran great. We need
to synch the carbs next. I'll have to post how this goes. I've never
actually done this...


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