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[T3] Quick report on the Volksworld Show

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Well, what a lovely weekend weather wise here in the UK.

The weather brought out some really nice cars, The car park was full on
Sunday, (although not many type3's)
There were a lot of type 3's on display this year (more than last year
anyway) Including: A silver/grey notchback with black scallops (VWtrends
feature a couple of years back), a notch with NOS panels all round, and a
fastback and notchback. Out in the club display area there were numerous
type3's, Dan Allums green fastback looking stunning on 17inch Porsche CupII
alloys, next to that was Rhodris type 34 with iron cross alloys, a dark
green notch in front of that which was lower than a snakes belly.  across
the way from these were a couple of fastbacks. In all a not too bad a day,
(the Vodka the night before didn't help matters though).  I personally went
down for one day, maybe some of the other Brits here could add to this.

For photos have a look at www.volksworld.com

And what do you think won Best of Show? a bug, bus, ghia, maybe a type3. No,
a Fiat 500 with a high powered VW engine outback  won Best of Show.

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