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RE: [T3] Porsche Question

On 25 Mar 2002, at 7:38, Schwein, William wrote:

> I do like the car very much.  It seems just basic like a sports car should
> be.  It didn't come with an engine or transmission at all so I'm really up
> in the air as to what to do with it.  The body has hail damage some but
> there is little or no rust that I could find over the weekend.   Do  you
> have any idea's as to how much an engine/transmission would cost?  Can I use
> a type III engine and FI in it?  If I could get it just mobile (not
> necessarily fast) then I'd probably be interested.  The body work I can do
> for little $$$.

If it's rust free, then it really is worth fixing up, and you should find a real 914 
engine to go in it, preferably a 2.0L. I suppose you could adapt a type 3 for 
this, but there's little reason to. The original engine is basically a type 4 
engine and it's enough different that you'd end up fiddling around a lot just to 
put a smaller than normal engine in this car. Originals were 1.7, 1.8, and 
2.0L, and the 1.7L engines are pretty wimpy for a sports car.

The transmission might be the hardest thing to find, as the shift linkage is 
completely turned around because it's at the back of this car.

There is a pretty good Haynes manual on the 914s, so you might want to 
start by finding one of them so you can read up.

What year is yours?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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