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RE: [T3] Leaks, I know this has been covered...

On 25 Mar 2002, at 9:13, jason.smith@sarcom.com wrote:

> Ok, I did a few tests this weekend.  With everything dry as a bone, I
> disconnected the hoses on the inside and pored water in the drains, came
> right throug.  I them pored water from the inside out, also came right
> through.  Ok drains are clear.  I then poured more and more water through to
> test normal rain conditions.  Everything poured out the botton as it should.
> However, after a few pitchers of water, I checked under the carpet and a
> small stream was forming from under the gas pedal to the rear of the car.

Interesting. I'd check the master cylinder to make sure that it's tight, and 
there is also a plate at the front of the tunnel, facing forward toward the front 
axle. Make sure that this plate is actually there and that it's rubber gasket is 
intact. You may have to take the plate off to check the gasket all around. 
The fuel lines also lead into the tunnel from that area and they should have 
rubber grommets there to seal around them; I suppose something could be 
wrong with those grommets.  

The water normally drains out the front of the "firewall" and down to the 
ground. This takes it past the body to pan seal. Normally this is no problem, 
as rust in that area usually starts much farther outboard, but you might look 
for rust at the bottom edge of the body, where it meets the pan.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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