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RE: [T3] Fuel Trouble! (Updated Cool Story...)

So we are in the Texaco parking lot fixing Bryans square, with my fasty
parked next to it. A couple of ladies pulled up and said "cool wheels". No
big deal right? Except for the meticulous 60 something bright red Jag
at the gas pump by us being ignored. See, I told the wife that Type 3's were
cooler than Jags, but she insisted that I was wrong...

It's true!  I know the T3's are cool... but I was still amazed with that
shiny red Jag 20 ft away!  Turns out the whole problem with the car was
still that fuel filter.  Looks like although I got the tank "clean" some of
the surface rust is just clinging on.  The gasoline is gently cleaning it
off, and away the rust mud goes the fuel filter.  I'll have to find a used
tank to overhaul and seal correctly.  We also found that the voltage
regulator was nearing trouble, and I'm sure the lower voltage was not
helping the pump pushing through the sludge.  Anyway, it's on the road and
has a spare filter in the front until the tank gets done again!  Thanks for
all of the advice on what to look for, and a great big thanks to Robb for
coming out to help me getting rolling again (without the guy pushing behind

Bryan Castles
Arlington, TX

'64 Sunroof Beetle
'70 Bus (Ex-Westy)
'73 Square
www.version3.net <http://www.version3.net>

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