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I've got some questions about water leaks (since this seems to be a
popular topic right now). The rainy season has just begun and I haven't
cleaned my garage for my fasty yet. I believe that the window seals
(front, back) need to be replaced and are leaking. I have water on the
floor, after even a small rain shower (but I did not drive in it). The
trail from the window to the floor along the kick panel is dry, it even
looks dry every where else, like along the front fire wall. But it is
wet along the pan seal at the bottom. Could water be 'running' into the
car this way? How? The fender welting is poor as well, could it be
running down the inside of the fender and then thru the pan seal? Sounds
far fetched to me.

On another note I would like to install abs speaker panels on the kick
panels. I was thinking about using sheet metal screws. Is the kick panel
metal the same as the wheel well metal? i.e. will the screws go right
into the wheel well? Would just some silicon sealer do the trick if this
is so? I was also thinking about riveting on a snap and fastening the
other side of the snap to the abs panel, which might seal a little


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