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[T3] Squareback reborn

	Well!  I got my new AT shift lever installed (the one on the 
tranny, not the one in the car), engine and transmission bolted back 
into place, new AT filter and pan gasket, juuust enough AT fluid in 
the garage to fill it up... changed the engine oil (cold) while I was 
at it, as the car hasn't been driven since July or so.

	The next excitement was to find out if it would start.  Went 
to hook up the battery, when Hey! What's this? No battery?!?  Oh, 
yeah -- it was under the back seat of my Beetle on the driver's side; 
the Beetle's own battery had been suspect, and I'd taken the Square's 
along as insurance on a trip to Monterey in December.  Heh.

	When I touched the second battery terminal with its cable, it 
was nice to hear that familiar clunky "thwap" as the clock solenoid 
kicked in. :)

	That fuel pump sure let out some squeals as I turned the key 
to 'on' a couple of times to get the fuel system primed.  Got it to 
fire a couple of times, then did a bunch more running of the pump.  I 
even got some neat squeaks from the engine compartment and sloshy 
sounds in the tank; must have been air working its way through. 
After a couple of more tries and a lot of encouragement, it fired up. 

	It seems to shift accurately, and it appears that I can 
actually use park now -- and get it out of park, too. ;)  I haven't 
moved the car farther than down the driveway yet, but I'll take it 
for a spin tomorrow.  Thanks again to Bryan M. for sending the levers!


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