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Re: [T3] noisy speedometer in my 1970 fastback

On 22 Mar 2002, at 11:50, Cody Andresen wrote:

> I recently replaced a snapped speedometer cable in my 1970 fastback. 
> Accoding to the prior owner, it was broken for a couple of years. 
> After about a week of perfect operation, the fully functioning 
> speedometer unit has developed a noisy squeal.  sometimes it is 
> intermittent but now it is pretty constant, even at low speeds.

First check the adjustment of the cable. You need to reach inside the LF 
wheel, grab the cable, and slide it in and out to find the limits of its travel. 
Then put it in the middle of that travel so the center wire is putting any stress 
on the speedo head.

> Should i crack open the unit and lubricate the mechanism or should I 
> just get a new one?  If I do get in there, what is a good lube to use 
> and what should I watch out for?  Looks like I'll need to pop off the 
> chrome ring to get in there and the tiny flanges look fragile.

Lubing it may help, it may only need some light oil around the shaft, which 
you can do without opening it up. I lube the gears, etc when I rebuild these to 
fix non-functional odometers. I charge $55 for this. 

Yes, careful of the tabs and the chrome ring. It's easy to really mess them 
up as they are very soft.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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