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<x-charset iso-8859-1>The imfamous SB12's. What gives? Why are they so sought after. Here is my 2
cents. As we all know all early T3's prior to the importation to the US in
66 should have euro type non sealed beam headlights. These bucket type
lights have the ring intigrated into them. No SB12 "HELLA" stamping. All
correct US spec 66 T3's Ive ever seen have these SB12 rings. I have seen
some 67's but I dont know if they are put on by VW or someone thru the cars
life. I have never noticed them on anything later than 69. SO I think that
its part hype part ignorance that makes these seemingly "early" rings rare.
I think they were made to make 61-65 T3's US correct and that when we
started to import them the stamp slowly went away. Here is a stack of 13
SB12's I have collected over the years. Anyone want to give me a $150 per
pair;) I could use a new pair of shoes!

On another note I have noticed that a T3 ring is different from a T1 ring. A
T1 ring profile is curved and a T3 is angular to better blend into the
fender. Can anyone prove this per a parts book. I know the T3 rings have T3
# but do T1s have T1 #'s??? Or is it only cheepo aftermarket T1 rings that
are curved?

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