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Re: [T3] 6v regulator

On 21 Mar 2002, at 15:18, Y and C Everhart wrote:

> What could be causing the points to burn?  I checked my generator with no
> load (all wires disconnected) and I had 6.5volts at idle and when revved,
> the voltage jumped accordingly. I also checked the voltage at the battery
> with the new regulator in and it was right around 6 volts while at idle, and
> around 6.5 to 7 volts when slightly revved.  The car is all stock, with no
> electrical accessories other than a Blaupunkt radio that is 6-12 volt
> switchable and it is on 6 volts. 

I have no experience with 6V systems, but I suspect that they are very 
similar to 12V ones. The voltage at idle is almost meaningless; what you 
need to measure is the voltage it levels out to as you raise the RPMs. This is 
the regulating voltage. For a 6V system, the regulating voltage should be 7.0-
7.2V, measured at the battery.  

The thing that goes bad in the 12V regulators is the resistor that looks like a 
wire wrapped cage on the underside of the regulator. This resistor goes open 
and this leads to excess sparking of the internal contact points, which then 
fry. You can check this resistor with an Ohmmeter, but you have to open the 
regulator first so you can open the contacts that short around it.  

I had been saving old regulators for years before I figured this out. Once I 
thought of that I went thru my bucket of old regulators and found that EVERY 
resistor in there was open!  

I looked once to see if I could buy something that I could replace that 
resistor with, but came up empty. It is called on to dissipate quite a lot of 
power for its size, which is why it is open wound like that.  

If you find a good 6V VR that you'd care to loan me, I would be willing to 
open it up and check out the resistor with an eye to finding a good 

Otherwise, I can add a diode to the circuit that will add to the life of the 
regulator. I do this regularly to 12V VRs, but I've never had the opprotunity to 
work with a 6V unit.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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