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Re: [T3] starter jig

On 21 Mar 2002, at 14:14, Earl Schamehorn wrote:

> Anyone ever seen or have plans for a transaxle shell being made in to a
> starter jig. The one that I am thinking of had a cavity for fuel, a place
> for a battery, a starter and starter button and a handle.

A lot of test stands and Dynos have a tranny or just the shell at the core. I 
don't know if anyone has thought of storing gas in there, though. Would you 
put the battery in there with the gas, or just outside next to the vent hole?


This reminds me of my 72 a couple of months after I first bought it. One of its 
problems seemed to be the starter, which later turned out to just be the 
starter bushing. Well, in the course of figuring this out I removed the starter 
and took it downstairs. Put it in my vice and merrily went about getting it 

Imagine my surprise when it popped open and 1/2 cup of gasoline spilled out 
on my basement floor! Seems the PO had put a makeshift splice in the fuel 
return hose, just above the starter. I think it dripped on the starter and leaked 
in the hole next to the wire from the solenoid.

I can only assume that it didn't explode when the starter ran because there 
was not enough oxygen, just too much gas.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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