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[T3] 6v regulator

Hello all, I have been having trouble with my voltage regulator lately.
About four months ago, my original 6volt regulator went bad; red light
stayed on while driving all of a sudden, and upon further inspection found
that the contact points in the regulator just above the D- terminal had been
fried.  I replaced the regulator with a good used one.  Unfortunatley, today
the same situation happened.  I luckily had a second spare 6volt regulator
to put in thanks to Ira, but I have no more, and they aren't easy to find
these days.  What could be causing the points to burn?  I checked my
generator with no load (all wires disconnected) and I had 6.5volts at idle
and when revved, the voltage jumped accordingly.  I also checked the voltage
at the battery with the new regulator in and it was right around 6 volts
while at idle, and around 6.5 to 7 volts when slightly revved.  The car is
all stock, with no electrical accessories other than a Blaupunkt radio that
is 6-12 volt switchable  and it is on 6 volts.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! 

P.S. if anyone has a spare 6volt regulator, let me know :)   

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