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RE: Volkswagen Enthusiast Program(VW 1)311

>Anybody else get one of these?  I figure it's one of the two:


How about we get this on every VW List, Message Board, and any other avenue
we can think of: have every last VW Enthusiast with a site honoring a car
they love email this Stephen J. Arpaia, Esq. and express that under OUR
stipulations we'd love to work with them. If done tactfully and properly
maybe it could make some kind of difference?  I've already got a disclaimer
on my sites stating that these symbols are the trademark of the parent
company.  But I would really love to see some logical explanation why VWoA
thinks they can claim trademark on the words "Bug", "Bus" & "Buggy".  These
WORDS were around LONG before the Dr. Porsche entered the picture and
furthermore apply to a lot more than just Volkswagens!

It's very easy to get totally frustrated over this issue, (not to mention
down-right panicked) but as I stated to someone who wrote to me just the
other day, what can we do aside from ride this out?  We are hobbyists that
it seems the parent of our hobby wishes would go away, we cannot boycott
buying our parts from VWoA because they don't or won't sell them;  We can't
refuse to get our cars serviced by them because they can't or won't service
anything with an engine without water pumping through it's veins.  And
lastly, most of us are irritated enough not to buy a new VW from them but
again, they appear to consider us a dying minority and they would rather
focus sales on the masses of folks that have no idea that this company used
to have engines in the BACK of their cars, not to mention I'm sure it's
disturbing to VWoA that we would keep a car (heaven forbid) for longer than
5 years.

The best we can hope to do is peacefully and IN MASS begin to contact VWoA
ourselves before they decide our fate for us.

'66 VOLKSWAGEN Fastback

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