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Re: [T3] mag wheel polishing

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I've done this with a set of Aluminum wheels on a pickup I used to have.
Used a very similar kit from Sears.  Take your time, its going to be time
intesive.  I'm not familiar with the wheels you have as to how intricate
they are and how many contours there are, but figure a good days work per
wheel to get it shiny (if thats what your looking for).  Biggest thing is
just follow the directions in regards to the grits to use and at what time.
But once you polish them you need to keep up the maintenance.  By that I
mean you either have to Clear Coat the wheels when your done (for a long
lasting finish) or coat them in auto wax.  Maybe two or three coats even and
buff that off.  That will prevent the wheels from oxidizing quickly.  And
after that you can use Never Dull for spot polish cleanups or after you
strip the wax, to give it a quick polish up. :)


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> Have any of you done this, successfully or otherwise?  Do you have
> any pointers?  My big fear is that it's like headliners -- you try it
> once, get totally frustrated, then take it to an expert and pay
> whatever they ask...
> -Greg

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