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RE: [T3] Fuel Trouble!

Thanks again Jim for more great info!  Unfortunately, this time I did not
get to run any of your tests...  here is why:   Driving with my headlights
on, I took off down the street to warm up the engine.  It got bad...  really
bad. Pretty much the car would idle with no load on it, touch the gas pedal
or put it in gear and it would die.  Giving it a few minutes gave me a tad
more run time, and it seemed like it was happier when the headlights and
hazards were off.  I can be sure of that though, since it go really bad,
really fast.  The car will not run now, so those types of tests are out.

I should be able to run the voltage regulator test though, just by turning
over the engine... shouldn't I?

Bryan Castles
Arlington, TX

'64 Sunroof Beetle
'70 Bus (Ex-Westy)
'73 Square
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On 20 Mar 2002, at 18:32, Bryan "bc" Castles wrote:

> So, my car runs well now, when I apply some pedal I get nice even
> acceleration, and can go through the gears.  HOWEVER, if I apply too much
> pedal, the car slumps forward like it has suddenly lost fuel, ignition or
> something.  Letting the pedal back up allows it to kick for a moment, then
> return to good performance. In trying to find the problem, I pulled the 2
> week old plugs and found them covered in black (too rich?) carbon...   so:

> '73 Square FI.  Where in the world can I adjust and/or work on this
> I am only equipped with a Haynes manual right now, and it gives squat for
> info. This is my daily ride, so I am hoping someone will have some ideas
> can share.

2 things to check:

1) When you get in the car and turn the key ON do you hear a relay click
and then another click ~1 second later? You should.

Drive the car to get it all warmed up and then measure the voltage at the
battery at medium RPM. It should measure 14.1 14.4V. If it measures less
than 13.5V, replace the voltage regulator with a genuine Bosch. A worn out
regulator will make the system regulating voltage run low which makes the FI
system run rich.

This is a VERY common problem, but it is not the only thing which might
cause this. Still, it's a good place to start checking.

Let us know what you find.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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