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Re: Re: [T3] oil fountain

On 20 Mar 2002, at 9:47, Drake . wrote:

> > >Further investigation last night I found the problem. The
> > >little plastic hose between the pipe that is on the bottom side of

> >You say you have a 69, but this sounds like a 72-3 breather (it has
> >2 plastic plugs on top, rather than 1.)

> 2 plastic plugs? I only have one. Hrmm, I know what hes talking about, I 
> have the same configration in my '72 FI. Breather has one large plastic plug on
> the top. Metal tube points down from the breather to the oil filler/dipstick
> tube. The oil filler has a short length that points up to the breather. There is
> a length of hose that connects the breather tube, and the dipstick tube at this
> point. At the top end of the breather there is a hose that connects to a thermal
> switch (located where the mechanical fuel pump would be) the other end of this
> thermal switch is connected to the air distribution manifold.
> Is that a correct setup for a 72?

No, you've very nicely described the 68-71 FI breather setup.

72-3 FI breather setup has 2 plastic plugs on top, no connection underneath 
to the filler pipe, a hose that goes to the FI intake air distributor from a 
plastic check valve, and no hose to the air cleaner.

Still waiting to hear what he really has....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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