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RE: [T3] 1/4 mile times.

<x-charset windows-1252>I have to agree....autocrossing is a far greater test of car and driver.  It is also a whole lot of fun and excitement.

The only thing better is what I did this past weekend........run an autocross on a frozen lake!!!!  Yup, plow the snow off a course out on the ice, set up the timers, and try to make it around.  Did not run the Squareback, but plan to next year.  Not sure how a rear engine/rear drive car with a 37/63 rear weight bias will do, but it will be fun trying.  I did drive my cousin's Ford Bronco II and a friend's 5.0 liter Mustang with steel spiked tires.  You could run the Mustang just about flat out with those spikes and it stuck better than on pavement.  The Bronco was another story altogether.  What a blast.  Didn't get a chance to try the motorcycle with spiked tires or any of the snowmobiles.........always next year.

Next event should be in February of 2003.  The race is held in a small community in northern Minnesota.  If anyone is interested, I took some pictures and can certainly give you the e-mail of the organizer.  Some pictures and video from a month ago are posted on the web at: http://caintmakit.com/rally/sidelake/

John Jaranson
'71 FI Auto Fasty (Jane)
'66 Square (???)
About Half a Late Square (Organ Donor)

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