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RE: [T3] 1/4 mile times.

<x-charset iso-8859-1>>personally, I don't find joe-public weekend drag
>racing much of a test of a car nor a driver because it provides little data
>and pertains even less to real-world driving -- gimme an auto-x course and
>then you'll see real driving as the car and driver is pushed to all limits!

I'm right there with you dude.  I've done both, and Auto-x'ing is for me
more fun than an amusement park.  Drag racing has always been boring to me,
it's just not fun seeing how fast I can go in a straight line.

For anyone that hasn't tried this, any Joe can do it with any car (I've seen
people come out to play in Pick-em-up Trucks) Usually there is a local SCCA
or NOVA (I think) chapter somewhere close to you that holds events all
through the "warm season" at places like large empty parking lots, and
sometimes even tracks if you have them in your area.  It's safe, you are
able to find and test your abilities and about the biggest risk usually is
getting a little too excited and spinning around while hitting some cones
(there is only 1 racer on the track competing against time).

'66 Fastback

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