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[T3] aftermarket cases...

<x-flowed>the pauter machine, autocraft and scat 'super case' are not ideally 
streetable for the following reasons...
traditional shrouds and tin do not fit
there is now where to mount the generator stand on the type 1 set up
no where to hook up the fan cover on a type 3 set up
and they are sooo expensive, that unless you are breeching the 200hp 
barrier, you don't need one.

now, performance tech and cb performance are coming out with big motor 
cases that will run the shrouding and generator stand/ type 3 mounting 
holes soon.  but again, they won't be 'cheap'.

the brazilian OEM supplier aluminimn case is a stock case, without the 
magnesium...so it will be limited in size and stroke to the current 
case, but it will be far cheaper for the extra protection in a big motor 
than a stocker case.  btw, you can squeeze a 90x94 into a stock case if 
you clearance the cam!  now, make that thing with a low C/R for pump gas...

Brian--1964 Notch Speedster 2332cc & 1959 Bug http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/
Type 3 Invasion Aug. 17th and 18th http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/invasion.html

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