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RE: [T3] Seat Belts

> JimA=> Shoulder belts only? Really? - I second this question
>> Yeah, the first belts were diagonal, shoulder-onlies were stock for '66.
> How
>> do we know for sure? There are mount points on the door pillar and tunnel,
>> but none at floor level on the outside.
> This is very strange to me, I have a '66 Fastback that came with no
> seatbelts, after much protest about this situation from the Sig. Other I got
> a set of 3 pointers from a show from a slightly later model car (no
> retractors).  After getting them home I was happy to find plastic screwed in
> covers over all 3 mounting points. It was just a bolt in and go situation.

I bought my 66 Squareback from the original owners and they had the avocado
green lap-only belts installed at the dealer with the airplane-style latches
and Wolfsburg emblems (kind of like the reproduction belts they sell now,
but much better quality and nicer looking latch and emblem).  They also have
the retractors installed on them so they somewhat retract to a small roll
next to the seat (one is broken, so if anyone has any spare retracting
devices, I could use one)  I am sure these belts are fairly common, but the
mounts at the bottom of the door and carpet collars sure do look original,
and the original owner took delivery in December of 1965.  So, what I guess
I am trying to say here is that I have never seen any '66 come without the
outer lower mounting holes.  Is this perhaps something that was specific to
the Type 34's?

-Yancy Everhart  

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