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[T3] FI "A" Brain

<x-flowed>Over a year ago I was having trouble that finally pointed to my "B" FI brain 
(I have a '69).  Russ kindly sent me the "A" brain out of his parts car, and 
it has been running in my car since that time.  At that time, the List 
warned me about potential intermittent problems with the "A" brain, but I 
don't know what kinds of potential problems to expect.

Over the last few months, I have had a few episodes of difficult starting.  
The car usually starts after about 2-4 revolutions, even after sitting idle 
for a couple of weeks.

But every once in a while, it just doesn't want to start.  This happens only 
when cold.  Sometimes it will turn over and over without firing up.  Then, 
after a few minutes, it will start and drive just fine.

Other times, it will turn over and fire up right away, only to immediately 
quit.  Over and over again.  When this happens, it will usually start if I 
give it wide open throttle while cranking.  Then, it sputters to life.  
Makes me think that sometimes it is trying to start with a fuel mixture that 
is too rich.

Usual tune-up items are all OK.  Regulated voltage is good.  My relays are 
clicking at the appropriate times.  My fuel pump hums when it should.  Fuel 
pressure is correct and consistent under various driving conditions.  And I 
have verified that every sensor is good.

I have a spare "B" brain that I could try, but I am wondering if the 
symptoms I have described point to the problems that the "A" brain were 
known to cause.  Or a bad ground somewhere in the system?  Thanks for any 

-Mark Fuhriman
'69 Fastback

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