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[T3] GL5 - MT1 safe for VW trannies

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Greetings All,

I live over on the vintagebus list but do read the Type 3 archive.

I noticed a recent thread on the GL4 tranny oil requirement for VW's
and thought I'd send you a post.....

GL4 in a 90w is impossible to find in Oz (well I couldn't find anything)
and I was using a Castrol 75 w 80 GL4 (from motorcycle shop of all things)
 in my recently finished 23 window resto
for fear that a GL5 would eat the syncros.  Wasn't perfectly happy
with that weight as I thought it was a bit light for the diff...

Started checking around and there is a 'new' standard for GL5
which is GL5 - MT1.  Penerite here in Oz has a 80 w 90  GL5 - MT1
available and the manufacturer swore that it was suitable for 
(in fact developed for) trannies with copper/brass/bronze components (Copper
Even says so on the back of the bottle!

Being a bit suspicious of the manufacturers information I delved a little
into tech specs and the MT1 rating DOES mean that the oil
must meet ASTM D130 "Stability in the presence of copper
and copper alloys".....

It looks like  'modern' GL5s with the MT1 rating are OK for VW trannies.
I'm not saying I'd go with it if I could buy a 90w GL4 or even something
like Redlines synthetic MT90.  BUT if you can't readily access oils with
weights and ratings it looks like GL5 - MT1 is OK..

I changed to it on the weekend and the bus is  happier
with the higher weight.....



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