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Re: Re: [T3] oil fountain

Actually, fter further investigation last night I found the problem. The
 litle plastic hose between the pipe that is on the bottom side of the
 breather, and pipe on the top side of the oil fill tube was cracked. So when the car was idleing oil fountained out. I used a regular piece of heater hose to replace it.



"Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

>On 18 Mar 2002, at 17:28, jonathan hesby wrote:
>> So, my car was smelling a little weird(little like buning oil), so I decided
>> to pull over and check it out. Somewhere near the breather I'm getting a
>> little fountain of of oil. It's not too bad, but I dont want to go driving it
>> around. Any ideas? It seams to be coming either from the base of the
>> breather, or a little further down the side of the case? 
>I think we need a little more help here. In which direction from the breather is 
>the fountain? How much oil are you losing? Can you see this fountain when 
>you look at the engine while it's idling, or is it just that there is a lot of oil 
>everywhere and you're guessing?
>I really can't see where there could be a "fountain" of oil coming from.
>Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
>Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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